"Through My Eyes......."

This is an account of two weeks work experience carried out in 2003 by Catriona Macdonald, of Thurso High School, in her own words.

Browsing Graham's latest newsletter"Hi!  I am Catriona Macdonald, a 5th year pupil attending Thurso High School where 5th year pupils have the opportunity to carry out 2 weeks work experience that is hopefully closely suited to their needs.  Having studied three science subjects Optometry is a career option for me but I must admit I thought before my work experience that this could be slightly tedious and there was a chance that I would not choose this for a career.  However, the insight I gained into Optometry and other related duties during my work experience with G A Henderson was very valuable to the extent that now, depending on my results, it is a career I would pursue and enjoy.Carrying out a visual field check on receptionist Sherryl

Graham Henderson is a very busy optician serving a large number of people in the Highland

This was a friendly place to work, and Graham and his wife Carole, June and Sherryl the receptionists made me feel at ease, it is obvious from the atmosphere that customer care is very high priority.  What impressed me the most was Graham, busy as he is, carrying out house calls for those unable to attend due to ill health/disability.

This is the CyClean window display I put together, with help from SherrylGraham also offered further help, even outwith my work experience, should I choose Optometry as a career.

This has been a great experience for me and I enjoyed every minute as well as gaining a better understanding of the subject.

Thanks for the opportunity and for the help and support everyone gave."



Thanks to Catriona for her kind words, and for the most unexpected gifts on her departure which were much appreciated.   We would like to thank all patients and families for their cooperation in allowing Catriona to sit in on so many different types of eye examinations, and for allowing us to make her feel part of the team.

Graham, Carole, June and Sherryl